Our manufacturer is one of the first companies to produce artificial turf in China. We have been producing fibers by ourselves since 2003.
The direct way is to fill out our sample form. Note that our samples are free of charge but not including freight.
It takes about 15 days from polyolefin to finished turf. Some best-selling products will take less time to produce.
Our MOQ is 500 m2 (5382 sq.ft).

Yes, we recommend using infill for landscape grass. As for what kind of filler material to use, please consult us.

The fibers used to make artificial turf are usually made of polyolefin (polyethylene or polypropylene). Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are semi-finished products, both made of petroleum, and are the main components of many man-made products such as plastic bags, plastic containers and artificial turf fibers. Different raw materials and manufacturing processes will ultimately determine the quality and price of the finished product. The difference in quality may not be seen with the eye, but the difference does exist.