Turf roller

Turf roller is specially designed for fast transportation and rolling out of artificial turf. Two separate independent traction carts are equipped with hydraulic power lifting devices, including manual pumps and hydraulic cylinders. It is easy to lift and transport lawns. The square tube in the middle is connected effectively and the working width is up to 5 meters. The weight of the device is carried by four freely steerable pneumatic tires, which have a small pressure on the ground and reduce the damage to the grass.
The left and right operating levers allow for precise steering and transport, even for narrow entrances or doors, making it easy to transport and lay lawns. Significantly reduce the workload.

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Product Features

Tech Specs


Lift height: 1200mm

Working width: 1-5m

Uplift force: 2000kg

Moving speed: Manual


Weight: 350kg

Dimension: 5100mm x 1400mm x 1250mm

Package size: 1000mm x 1400mm x 1250mm

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