U shaped nail

  • This product is the accessories special for installation of artificial turf and used for fixing artificial turf to compact mud、sandy ground、gravelled ground.
  • When use, on the premise of keeping elasticity, you should enclasp the feet of the nail until they are perpendicular to the ground, then knock it into the grass. And make sure the nail is perpendicular to the ground when knocking it into the grass.
  • Those are not the right operations, if the feet of nails are not perpendicular to the ground, or if you hold it so excessively that the elasticity of nails is seriously destroyed. you should correct the operation ways.
  • When knocking it into the turf, you should make sure that the nail has been strictly knocked to the bottom of artificial turf, and is clinched tightly. If you are not sure, should pull out the nail and do it again.
  • All the grass under the nail should be re-stirred up.
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Product Features

Tech Specs


Material: Carbon steel

Diameter: φ4

Length: 6±0.5inch

Elasticity: ≥30N


Warning: this product is like other types of nails if you don’t properly use it, may cause Adverse consequences(bad consequences), the user should take it seriously.
If the nail loses, it must be knocked in again and clinched tightly.
Warning: The using effect of this product has not been tested on other occasions.

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